Tzion Gate Life Centre Ministry is a faith-based Organization that was established to improve the quality of life of people locally, regionally, and internationally. The organization was registered as a Non-profit/NGO on 21st July 2016 in Trinidad and Tobago.


Impacting Lives; spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and financially.


“To improve the quality of life through a Five-Fold Ministry of Prayer, Counselling, Teaching, Children’s Foundation and a Sports Foundation”     


T – Truth Z – Zeal I – Integrity O – Obedience N – Nurturing G – Growth A – Accountability T – Teamwork E – Education

Laura Walker

Founder of Tzion Gate Life Centre Ministry is an outstanding and active leader with a great commitment to the communities and organizations she serves. Laura is an excellent witness for those seeking a more active and rewarding relationship with GOD, and always strives to lead, guide, and motivate others. She has a heart for people and their well-being which is evident in the various Projects and Initiatives. Notwithstanding the impact of the Covid19 Pandemic, Laura and her team continue to forge forward to achieve the mandate of Tzion Gate Life Centre Ministry – Impacting Lives – spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and financially.